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The Cowgirl Collection

Molasses Flats {cookies}™

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The Big House Bundt {cake}™

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“I have had these cookies a few times and let me tell you - FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!! So excited that her business is open!" - Kristy, New Orleans, LA

“Oh my gosh they're delicious!!!!!! I hate it though because I came home late from work and have to fast overnight but I had to take a little nibble from a broken piece and they're seriously amazing.  And the tin was too cute! You do have a gift. Thanks a lot! I just found my perfect cookie.” - Vicky, Daley City, CA

“I just need to rave about these wonderful cookies, the Cowgirl Chips™ that showed up at my door this afternoon. They're chewy and moist, full of chocolate chips and ingredients I can't put my finger on, and just downright fantastic. I didn't realize when I first offered them to my boss/co-worker that the cookies were "unshareable". Next time I'm getting two tins.”  – Lisa, Napa, CA

Baked Fresh

Our stuff is the real deal. No fancy machines plopping out dough in perfect round shapes or huge ovens that bake your goodies on conveyor belts. Nope, that’s not us. We believe in doing things the tried and true way. And its what makes our goodies simply delicious.

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The Cowgirls

Home on the range, this truly is given a whole different meaning when it comes to the generations of chefs and cooks who are the heart and soul of the Cowgirl Cookie Co. Learn about the team and history behind each and every Cowgirl Cookie Co. product.

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