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Measuring Matters

Have you ever been told you're a good baker? Or have someone in your life who just seems to be really good at baking? Now I don't mean cooking, I mean baking! To bake means to cook at typically lower oven temperatures, different from roasting where the use of higher heat is used to achieve a different result! Nonetheless, when someone is a good baker, it goes well beyond just managing oven temperature. If you want to be known as a "good baker", provided you have the time to practice, just simply making a couple changes to your routine can dramatically improve the quality of the baked goods coming out of your humble abode. Check it out! First and foremost,...

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We've Been Making this Cake for Over Forty Years

I can remember as a little girl, the sweet smells of this cake baking while I was upstairs and my mom was downstairs baking away as she often did. It's a complex smell to be honest. It's cakey, chocolatey, and nutty all in one. Very rich and very buttery all at the same time.

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Valentine's, Love, & Chocolate

Did you know that the history of Valentine's Day goes back to Roman Times? According to the history channel, "Valentine’s Day is actually named for two different Roman saints, both called Valentine and both utterly unconnected to romantic love.

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