2020 is Done, Let's Start New in 2021!

What a year and what a heart full of gratitude I have as I sit down to pen some thoughts on the close of a year that truly was one of the wildest rides of our lives. So many ups and downs and thankfully here at the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we were able to "weather the storm".

2020 became the year of adaption. Everything changed and I'm excited to head into 2021 with a renewed energy to start from day one with a sense of continued gratitude for the business we received to keep our business open, and take learning from the challenges to grow even further looking towards the future.

So what's in store for the New Year? A lot!!! And we are so very excited! As always, your catalog favorites are going to be offered and as we can, we'll release special collections and cookies we've enjoyed over the years.

Have you heard of the Stagecoach Sweets Posse? The Posse (our Cookie Subscription Service) is always a big focus for us each month as we decide just what special treat to send to each customer who's a part of the program. We try to spoil them with special items we just never could offer on the website due to our production limitations. We're a small little workshop and truthfully, this last season really had us popping at the seams with our space limitations! Here's the link to check out the Posse if you're interested in joining: https://www.cowgirlcookieco.com/pages/stagecoach-sweets (just copy and paste)

So what's new? In 2021, Jill's working on launching a performance horse treat she's been busy developing and are also super excited about this next chapter for Cowgirl Cookie Co. and www.jilltherangerider.com . This product presents some unique challenges as it just simply goes beyond our production capabilities and we will need to seek out support from a manufacturer or another company who does private label work to this scale. (Message us if you know anyone who does this!) The horse treat is simply outstanding and was truly developed to be both delicious and nutritious with multi-functional ingredients that horses love. How do we know? Because their muzzly mouths FOAM when they eat them from the increased salivation! Can you imagine?! A horse treat that's "delicious'! In fact, it looks so tasty I have to tell humans they are intended for horses!!! More on that this coming year!

So that's a little inside scoop to what's going on here at the workshop. There's so much more that we'll share too as we get closer to releasing delicious products. This just started our 14th year in operation as a little family business and we are eager to continue to grow.

Thank you for all the love and support this last holiday season. We had insurmountable challenges with shipping and distribution in a year that forced everyone to start ordering and expecting delivery. We hope carriers are able to smooth out those logistics in the future as we don't see this trend slowing down! It's another reason we insist on shipping your treats in tins! We have to preserve the quality!

Have a very happy, healthy, and safe New Year!

With love!

Jill & Nancy (my mom)

PS: We know January is a quiet month for many, but if you need to send a gift for any occasion such as a Thank You, Get Well, or Birthday, we'd love the possible consideration! As always, we include a handwritten note on your behalf and always work to make it super personal!

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