December is SO Creative!

As I sit here tinkering away on my computer, sipping a nice hot peppermint mocha, I'm kinda smiling on the inside because there's times it just dawns on me I absolutely love the creativity that running my own business affords. There's certain times of the year, and I have to say that Fall and Winter are truly the most inspiring to me as a chef working with foods and flavors that give all the feels of the season.

As I take a break from uploading the Christmas products to the website, I just wanted to share how absolutely "fun" it is to develop and share these sweets and treats. The chef side of me loves incorporating flavors together like many of those which will be featured in this years Santa Claus Collection, such as dark chocolate, espresso, and orange, knowing they are like peas in a pod. Just like honey matches tea and pepperoni matches pizza, so too do many of these flavors and inspirations that found their way into this years collection.

Now where it gets really fun is when I start testing and finalizing recipes and formulas. Many of these recipes are tried and true, with several that have been prepared in our family for well over 40 years. But when I'm in the development stage with an item we've never shared, I'm always seeking to develop the ultimate in "delicious". It's that point on the palate where the textures are correct, the seasoning is perfect, the sweet isn't too sweet and so on and so forth. It's an absolute culinary challenge of epic proportions to get things, "just right" to the point where you just have to have, one more bite! Now that's the ultimate goal!

I hope you absolutely love this seasonal collection! It's been so fun to pull together and this is wishing you and yours a beautiful Christmas and Holiday season however you celebrate. I thank you so much for trusting us over the years! The Cowgirl Cookie Co. originally started in December of 2007. Thank you for thirteen years of sweetness and love! Anniversaries of any kind are amazing! So grateful for the customer love and support! XO

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings!


(PS: The Santa Claus Collection launches Friday, 12/4/20! Thank you so much for choosing us to send your holiday gifts! We're shipping and delivering (local) up until Christmas Eve!)

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