It's Lent! That Used To Mean No Butter!

Did you know that in the 1600's, butter was considered such a luxurious ingredient that it was forbidden to eat during the observance of Lent! Wow! What would we have done? Well, we'd for sure have to rely upon other fats for baking and cooking. Things such as hand harvested oils and other common fats consumed at the time such as lard and other rendered meats. Nothing was ever wasted!

Today, we are spoiled with access to butters from all over the world. They vary in flavor, color, butterfat content, water content, and other unique characteristics. For us here at the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we prefer a low moisture butter, one that's rich in butterfat content, and low in water. We count on that fat to give the luxurious flavor to our sweets and treats!

In all our recipes, we use what's known as "sweet cream" or "unsalted" butter. Because we rely upon this as our main fat ingredient in our recipes, we then have to ensure we boost the seasoning within the recipe with just the right amount of salt that truly delivers the delicious you've come to know in our goodies. To rely upon the salt in a salted butter product for us, is just very unreliable. So we choose a very high quality sweet cream butter product, and then a high quality salt for use in all our delicious recipes. It makes all the difference in our opinion! There's something about butter that's like no other and it's serious business around these parts! Thanks for reading!

Love, The Cowgirls

(PS: Thank you for all your orders during this challenging time for our country. If you wish to send a gift to someone on your mind, we're open and supplies are good! XO)


  • Jill

    Hi Rosemary! Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t tell us that information on the label directly. So it comes down to personal experience and working with different brands and preparing with your tried and true recipes to see how they turn out different from one another, using one brand over another. If you were to take two saucepans, and two different brands of butter, and melt them, you’ll notice different results within each as an example. The ones with lower moisture content, less milk solids, tend to work better in baked goods in my experience. Give it a try and let us know what you think! It’s food science and can be all the difference in your baked goods results. Jill

  • ROsemary COrrigan

    How would I know about the moisture level, butterfat content, and the amount of water.

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