We've Been Making this Cake for Over Forty Years

I can remember as a little girl, the sweet smells of this cake baking while I was upstairs and my mom downstairs baking away as she often did. It's a complex smell to be honest. It's cakey, chocolatey, and nutty all in one. Very rich and very buttery all at the same time.

Nancy (Jill's mom) has been making this cake for over forty years. She originally got the recipe while working at Standard Oil just after high-school. She said it was always "excellent" but of course put her own tweaks on it to make it even better. What were the enhancements? Way more chocolate chips, way more walnuts and way more dark cocoa sugar. I'm sure glad she made those decided changes; it made the cake simply gorgeous and what we offer today.

When we opened the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we knew we needed to feature more than "just cookies". We have family recipes of all kinds of sweets and treats. We even have a granola recipe we probably should work on releasing at some point. It's simply outstanding. Homemade granola is unlike anything else! For about 25 years, my parents owned/operated a beautiful Bed & Breakfast hotel in Northern California, and at one point, offered this homemade granola to guests as part of their stay. So good! We get tremendous fulfillment and joy out of sharing our favorite and treasured recipes through this little business.

With Mother's Day around the corner, we wanted to suggest this as a gift to send something delicious to the beautiful Mothers in your life. It's made with love and is simply outstanding.

We're running a Mother's Day special with the purchase of the Big House Bundt {cake}. Purchase one and we’ll include a 1/2 dozen Cowgirl Chip™️ cookies as a gifted thank you, on us! Offer good today through 5/9/20. No code needed!

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