Our M.O.


We are committed to nothing less than delivering the finest, distinctive foods shipped in the most efficient manner possible, and handled with exquisite care. This is our promise and modus operandi. We believe that not only must you receive the best in taste, but the best by way of our distinguished service, delivered with passion, unrivaled responsiveness and satisfaction. 


Someone once ordained variety is the spice of life, well we believe it’s not just about variety, but also about quality, love for what we do, and providing goodies you just can’t get anywhere else. 

We believe at the core of every woman (and every guy for that matter) is a spirit of true adventure with a deep desire to (in whatever their way), express their own inner cowgirl (or cowboy). To break away from that everyday routine or rut and sense that girly, sexy strength and of course, just be secure in what it is to be a woman today and if you are a guy, well, to understand that we women feel this! (Why do you think little girls love horses so much? Or want ponies for Christmas!) So it’s one of the reasons we are the Cowgirl Cookie Co., and yes, we are all about cookies here but we are more about celebrating the vitality and true beauty of each and every cowgirl out there. We believe this and celebrate this mantra. We know everyone can become their own version of a spirited, strong, and gorgeous cowgirl (or cowboy)... It’s truly why we say, “There’s a Cowgirl in Every One”. 

So when the sun goes down at the end of each day, our success will be measured by the enduring quality of the relationships we build based on mutual enjoyment of great cookies, the love for all things western, sweet, savory, and the fun we have bringing it to our loyal customers who don’t mind getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar every once and a while.