Reusing Tins

Cowgirl Cookie Co. Tins

At the Cowgirl Cookie Co., we believe in recycling and reusing where possible and probable.  So for those of you who have a few of our tins lying around, and empty of your favorite Cowgirl Cookie Co. goodies, may we suggest a few ways to reuse our tins?  All you need to do is run it through the dishwasher, or wash it by hand and it’s all ready for another purpose in life.  And if you have ideas of how you use them – let us know…  We want to pass on the goodness.  We prefer not to be wasteful.  As you often hear, “waste not, want not”…

    A place to store extra buttons – you know the ones that come on new shirts, or sweaters, pants and so on. They’ll all be in one place and that’s helpful for when you really need one. Create a sewing kit, a first aid kit, a place to store extra batteries, storage for extra keys, keys to your neighbors house, your garage, your luggage, all that kinda stuff. Use a tin to store nails, bolts, screws, tacks, and any other small hardware items. Dare we suggest a place to store your own cookies when you make them? Storing in a tin will extend the shelf life tremendously! Girls, create a storage tin for all the make-up you have laying around but never use. Create a piggy bank for a place to collect extra change you find in sofas, chairs, or the coins that magically appear out of your uncle’s or grandpa’s ear. (remember that old trick?), you just might collect enough to start a small vacation fund. Create a junk tin full of just about anything small that you don’t want to lose.  Stuff that honestly gets lost in your desk drawer and had it all of been in one location, it will just be better because it might be in the “junk tin” and not somewhere else – that’s if you dare to start to get organized, right?